La Familia Reyes

p-tony Pastor Antony Reyes
Hace doce años, el Señor nos ayudó a dar luz a esta hermosa Iglesia. Fue 12 de septiembre 2004
cuando la visión se hizo realidad. A través de muchas temporadas Faro de Luz ha demostrado que
es una planta que el Señor tenía para la comunidad de San Fernando. Estoy junto con mi esposa
Martha por mas de 23 años, mi hija Lindsey quien tiene 21 años esta estudiando en LIFE, preparándose
para el ministerio y Meggan 18 ha terminado sus estudios en la High School, nos sentimos honrados que
Dios nos tomo encuentra en este plan. Te extiendo una invitación a nuestra iglesia, y sera un placer saludarte.

Pastora Martie Reyes
I came to the lord at the age of 14, my bringing up was a very humble and a sad one to say, because our home was a broken one, even though I did have a dad at home, when he was at home per say, or decided to come home after 3, or 4 days at times, maybe even a week, there was always a sense of something missing in me. When I gave my heart to the lord and all 4 of my sisters did as well, we somehow came to find out that now we belonged, and our family grew in great number, because now we had a lot of brother’s and sister’s in the Lord, that made us feel welcomed and loved. I will never stop giving the Lord thanks for everything He has done for me, I was lost and now I see, I was poor and now I am rich, because He is my King and a most of all my Father, whom watches diligently after me, and has His best interest in heart for me and my family.
My husband and I got married on July 24, 1993, even though we have had our struggles, we have gone through bumpy roads, tornados, and hurdles, ups and downs, the Lord has been faithful to us, in an enormous way, we are now 23 years into marriage, I know this was the man that God had for me, and I know I made the right choice, by choosing him, even though I have had times where I have questioned it, when we go through tough times and situations, and we can’t see eye to eye, God just somehow brings it all together and makes it fit, so well, I know he is the man for me and a wonderful father, to my two girls, Lindsey 21 now and Meggan 18.
I am so grateful to God that I married a God fearing man, whom I know loves me, protects, me, encourages me, and will always be there for me. He is a man after God’s heart, loves people sincerely and has nothing but his best interest in heart for everyone. I can only wait and see what the future holds in store for us, whether good or bad I can truly say and believe with all my heart that My God, My Kind of Kings, My heavenly Father, that came and died for me, and paid a great price for me, will never leave me nor forsake me, even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil and even though people will fail us, turn away from us, stab us in the back, I am so blessed, privileged, honored that God chose me, and thinks I am the, most beautiful woman on this earth, and most of all he redeemed me and calls me His princess.
We are women of action, and we must action and stir up, the gifts that God has given each and everyone of us ladies, we are to be of influence, to other women, in our world and a teacher to our children of the greatness of God love and mercy.
God’s love endures forever, be that fruitful vine that gives, encourages and motivates those around you.
God bless you abundantly with much love !