English Service: 9:30AM • Español 11:15AM

Growing Communities

Our Vision


 Helping people Trust and Follow Jesus 

The members of these communities will understand that the intention is to build solid lives and to build families on the rock. We believe that these communities are the ones that will prepare people for emergencies that will arise in the future. Get connected to one!

English Cell Groups


Predestine Youth • Thursday  7:30P
Adrian & Rocio Zamora • Friday  7P

For more information:
Tel: 818-403-6432
E-mail: fdlsfcom@gmail.com

Celulas en Español


 Caminando con Jesus-Maribel•Miercoles  4P

La Luz de Cristo-Erasmo • Miercoles 6:30P
Celula Iglesia • Jueves  7:15P

Viñeda de Amor-Erasmo • Viernes 6:30P
Celula en Van Nuys• Sabado  7P
Lety & Desi • Sabados 2:30P

Para mas información 

Tel: 818-403-6432
E-mail: fdlsfcom@gmail.com